About Hazchem:

As a fast-growing independent company, we thrive on our customers' needs and have a passion for what we do. We are not just another PPE supplier but a dedicated safety oriented team here for your safety, the safety of your staff and to help protect the integrity of your company. We build loyalty and value through our understanding, innovation and extreme customer care. Integrity, fairness, trust and reliability are the heart of all we do – both within our own business and for yours.

Hazchem Safety is a full service provider of quality branded Personal Protective Equipment and Work-wear to the global Oil & Gas and Engineering sectors. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and garments, handpicked to meet the changing demands of a wide range of frontline environments.

About the portal

Welcome to our brand new, state of the art, all singing all dancing much improved web ordering portal – Hazchem Intellisafe!

We hope you enjoy:

  • The new and improved reporting depth and options
  • New easy step by step ordering process
  • Fuller PPE management abilities from order to delivery
  • Multi-tier user capabilities
  • Your company's branding on your Hazchem Intellisafe


Our customers love this one! When ordering PPE kits and garments for specific individuals, ask for �WorkaKit'. Order your garments under each person's name and we'll do the rest: your kit will arrive collated and labelled for the respective person.

This is a huge time saver in the stores and eliminates shortages through misdistribution. It also means you can track what PPE has been supplied for each employee. Order online for a complete managed solution for WorkaKit Services.